Elements of solar electricity systems

Solar panels generate DC electricity from sunlight. The inverter converts the created electricity into AC, so that it can be used in the premises. The computerised controller maintain the solar system and ensures optimal performance.

Elements of solar electricity systems are:

  • Modules (Panels);
  • A mounting system;
  • A solar inverter with computerised controller;
  • Battery or batteries (*** Only for off-the-grid or hybrid grid-tied solar systems).
Elements of Solar electricity system grid


Different types of solar panels

Solar Panel is a device that is made up of solar cells, which work to convert solar energy into usable electricity. A solar power system consists of multiple solar panels, also known as photovoltaic (PV) panels, these panels are usually fitted on the roof and can be used for various applications including the production of electricity for residential and commercial uses. Solar panels are generally installed facing a northerly, easterly or westerly direction, tilted at an angle that maximises the amount of sunlight each panel can receive.

Elements modules of solar syetems: "Basically there are 3 types of panels"

Element solar energy poly panels

Polycrystalline Solar Panels(also known as Multi-Crystalline)

Element solar energy mono panels

Monocrystalline Solar Panels


Thin-film Solar Panels

We use panels of -


Element solar electricity system inverters

A solar system contain several key components, with inverters being one of them. When PV (photovoltaic) panels of solar system absorbs the sun light, it produces direct current (DC) energy. As most homes use AC (alternating current) energy, direct current (DC) energy on its own is not useful. Solar inverter plays the very crucial role of converting the electricity produced by solar modules into a form that can be used at home. One can say, it turns the DC energy into AC energy, which is then channelled into home to power lights and other electrical or electronic appliances.

Elements Inverters of solar syetems: "Basically there are 3 types of solar Inverters"

String solar energy system inverter

String inverters

Micro solar energy system inverters

Micro inverters

DC optimizer solar energy system

DC optimizer (also known as power optimizer)

We use inverters of -